International University of Equator

Dear colleagues the year 2020 is here and we are committed to start on a high note and hard work from all players in the IUE. It is my humble submission that your participation brought us this far.
We are aimed at become a leading provider of Quality University and high learning education through E-learning with latest dynamic online learning expertise knowledge and flexibility in schedules which are affordable in payment plans creative and innovative incubation delivery modules. We are geared to uphold the operational systems and work value imparted through interactive training which will be guaranteed by IUE team work.
However we are aware of the monumental challenges we have to contend with but with anticipated commitment and support solicited from partnership collaboration and affiliation. We are squarely confident that our imagination is the limit and not the sky as classically believed and said. It must be said and done from the very beginning “abi initio”. We are up to task to share synergies with friends competitors stakeholders and clients to expand the emerging and prevailing opportunities.
In this forum you are welcome to share this platform…. We promise to create a talent Centre of excellence and a reservoir of knowledge in our faculties Information Technology IT Business Administration and Masters in Business Administration whereas there is tolerance for critisms suggestions and room for improvement.

Regards Prof Isaac MOKAYA MARAGIA Ph.D. Rector/Vice Chancellor IUE.

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IUE Staff Members

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Rector and Vice Chancellor

Nijimbere John



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Evans Motari


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Juvenal Nsimirimana


MBA Coordonator

Prospère Ganza Mudeke


Examination Officer

David Bahati


HoD Information Technology

Henry Mareri Moseti



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Registration Officer