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Prof Isaac Maragia ph.D, Chancellor. 

To the entire  community of international university of Equator Bujumbura Burundi, it has been proven that in the journey  of life towards  career  development and  capacity building,  there are three simple ingredients  or rules:- 

  1. You must step forward  in pursuit of excellence  of your goals, otherwise  you will always  remain in the same place untransformed.
  2. And if you don’t  go after something  which you desire, you will never have it.
  3. Indeed if you don’t  ask  a question in order to learn, the answer will  always  be NO

We communicate  to overcome   amongst  us fear of unknown  in life and to increase  on knowledge  and skills  in our society to be motivated  and to encourage  others  too.
 Be encouraged  to improve  access to information and  resources  to get transformed in your consciousness  through  values,  attitudes  and beliefs. 

Take charge  of your decisions and your life will not be the same again  thereafter. Addressing the situation  seriously  and taking accurate  actions, in order to improve. 
 When  we talk of youth and women  empowerment,  we are simply  saying  participation  towards  improvement  in quality life, by distinguishing  the difference between  development and  empowerment.

Put simply,  development is  centerd in individuals,  while empowerment  is to create  awareness  and  changes in the  social  dynamics.

On behalf of the university  community  I  welcome  all to our dynamic  and  interactive  website. 

About IUE

International University Of Equator (IUE) is a private academic institution chartered by the government of Burundi offering a fully English system. IUE is committed to being the agent of change in the region by transforming and empowering the students through technology and Entrepreneurship.

Competitive Edge

Competitive Edge

Our school of Information Technoogy is the only one in the region offering:

  •  Latest technology concepts with practical oriented training
  • A start-up incubation program 
  • Pubic technology exhibition forums (every 2 months)
  • All courses taught in English
  • Online library portal
  • Virtual learning center

Why Chose IUE

  • Practical in latest technologies – Produces job creators and not job seekers
  • English based teaching – Produces globally competitive graduates and locally limited
  • Incubation program – places Burundi tops in matters technology, inventions and innovations

Check our Contact Details

For further information. Please contact us on given contacts or join us to our office for more clarification. 

📍 Friend’s Building, Boulevard MWAMBUTSA, Bujumbura-Mairie

📬 P.O.Box : 6760 Bujumbura

📞 (+257 ) 62 13 0810